Anthony J. Permal

Before I founded Augmentify, I had worked for 18 years perfecting an art I loved: marketing.

18 years later, I've learned one thing: you never perfect it, you just gradually get better at it today than you were yesterday.

I've gone from a failed car loan phone salesman to a junior marketing executive at a bank, to a marketing specialist in Dubai's booming real estate market, to out of work for 9 months, to a B2B marketing manager for 7 years, to marketing director, head of digital marketing and finally, well, here I am.

My employers and clients have included Stand‍‍‍ard Chartered Bank, Siemens, IQPC, Informa and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Welcome to my sandbox.

Augmentify is a collection of things.

It is a digital consultancy that has helped everyone from 2-person startups to billion dollar conglomerates in the hour of digital need. Companies have benefited for Augmentify's strategies in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, India, Singapore, Lebanon, Jordan and Canada.

It is a copywriting educator that has trained over 200 marketing and non-marketing writers in the B2B and B2C industry.

It is a digital educator that has trained professionals across all walks of life who have gone on to become Directors of Marketing, entrepreneurs and one who went on to be CEO.

And it is proudly based in and operates from Dubai.





Anthony Permal CEO Augmentify

I had the pleasure of working with Anthony as he shaped the new face of GSK Gulf & Near East. His laser sharp focus on his target and winning personality really makes people love working with him.

A truly talented and progressive leader his vision for the Multi-Channel division of GSK has put them on the forfront of digital and multi channel communication across the MENA region.

Ayman Kasseba, A&Z Co‍‍‍nsulting, Dallas

Stuffed with loads of ideas, sense, commitment, creativity, innovations and more.. He reshaped our marketing department with his hands-on experience and intellect... He has had his own strategies and ways to go about his challenges and accepts the toughest with a smile.


Kashif Malik, .Fleming Dubai

Never happy to go the standard course, Anthony constantly questioned the norm and raised new and innovative solutions to every problem/opportunity. Always at the cutting edge...

Marcus Magee, Global Head of Marketing Training, IQPC

Who is Augmentify?

“We have learnt more in this 90 minutes of the lecture than what we do in a normal course. Everything he discussed was what I was clearly looking forward to with the learning. It was very practical and I’m hoping for more such guest lectures with amazing people like Mr. Anthony.”

Student - Bachelor of Business Communication, S.P. Jain School of Global Management