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Training & Development

Our training courses have been crafted after identifying actual market needs and skill gaps. Each program is conceptualised drawing on 9 years of in-house corporate training experience in the Middle East and Levant. What you learn in our programs is what businesses really need to function today, not what a 5-year plan tells them.


Digital & Social Media‍‍‍ Consultancy

Everyone needs a second opinion sometimes. Some even need an extra hand to help with their vision.

At Augmentify, we bring 18 years of ‍‍‍marketing experience in banking & finance, real estate, defence, healthcare and energy to the table to help you develop or augment your digital vision.

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Foundations of Digital Marketing (for beginners)

Intermediate Digital Marketing (for professionals with basic digital skills)

Advanced Digital Marketing (for professionals with moderate digital skills)

How startups and enterpreneurs can use digital marketing successfully

Digital marketing for artists and creatives (how to market yourself and your craft)

Digital Marketing for the C-Suite (how to lead digital transformation from the top)

Digital Marketing for non-marketing managers (compliance, finance, legal and HR)

Digital Marketing for the field force (how to build a digital culture in your sales teams)


Copywriting basics for beginners

Copywriting for in-house communications teams

Copywriting for marketing professionals

2-day copywriting masterclass (deep dive into best practice, writing styles and creativity exercises)

From setting up your digital team, processes and strategies and hiring the best digital talent for you to helping you develop integrated, holistic and profitable digital marketing plans, Augmentify delivers.

Our channel expertise includes:

Website design and development

Email marketing

Social Media marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Content creation and curation

Online / Digital PR

Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach

Sales / Field Force digital channel strategy



Mo‍‍‍tivational Speaking and M.C. Services

Want to empower and energise your team?

Want to inspire and light the fire of self-motivation in your workforce?

Want to see your teams reconnect in a way they never have before?

When we offer motivational speaking services, we don't just promise 30 to 90 minutes of cliches and popular life quotes.

Every session we offer is tailor-made for you based on not just your brief and what outcome you desire, but also from our team sitting with a random selection of your staff to understand the dynamics of your workforce: What do they like about working for you, what do they dislike? What makes them come to work every morning other than just a salary? What is their story?

Talk to us today and let's discover together how Augmentify can motivate your team like never before.

Need an anchor or host for your conference, gala dinner, company event? Look no further. Augmentify brings you the best talent in the region, speaking English, Arabic, French, Hindi, Urdu and Tagalog.

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